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Root Energy Mentoring Spring 2020

tina foster
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3 Month Mentorship with Tina Foster

March 1 - May 31, 2020 
Community, 1:1 Mentoring Support + Tools

Meditation, coaching & other ROOT practices curated for the Changemakers.

-- reflections, meditations, rituals and other practices that connect us to what is more solid & trustworthy in ourselves & the world
-- practices that anchor us to the deeper, more fertile, creative spaces in ourselves & the world

 ***Our Work will combine traditional practices with evidence-based methods***


  • target + uncover the truths beneath intentions & goals
  • let our your root wisdom guide us as we go
  • protect, rejuve & stay aligned with our Dharma

More than just feeling better or achieving your goals, this is about staying connected to our roots so we can help create a world we want to live in.


  • 2 calls per month - a 1:1 with Tina + a group call
  • 1 email each month with practices that target your deeper roots to connect with + rejuvenate + protect your dharma
  • 2 INTEGRATION WEEKS EACH MONTH. There are 2 weeks each month with no calls, giving you time to practice, explore, integrate, then decide what to share
  • Ongoing email support with Tina throughout.



  • Three recurring payments of $333 over 3 months. 
  • The first payment is immediate. The other two will be automatically deducted.

PAY IN FULL here (Single Payment of $999)

Learn more. Here's a deeper look into ROOT ENERGY MENTORING and another look from a different angle.

Thank you for your interest in my work. I am SO GRATEFUL for the teachers from both East & West traditions + evidence based methodologies that have shared their wisdom & time with me so that I can pass this work on in new ways.

~ tina


Root Energy Mentoring Spring 2020

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