The (Forever) Beginner's Meditation Companion (pdf version) (pdf)

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The (Forever) Beginner's Meditation Companion (pdf version) (pdf)

tina foster

The 2nd book in the "Meditation for Non-Meditators" book series by Tina Foster.

You practice meditation, or think about trying. Either way, you're hearing a lot about meditation these days. You know, or at least have a hunch, that meditation is popular for good reason.

You want to learn more, go deeper, feel better. What's really going on when you meditate-- beyond watching random thoughts and feelings swirl around in your head?

Or, you're a seasoned practitioner, teacher or guide. The (Forever) Beginner's Meditation Companion grounds the inner life of meditation into everyday visual images. It helps make sense of the more abstract experiences of practice, from the first session all the way to Nirvana. It serves as a model for cutting through lofty-sounding language and that awkward feeling of grasping for words.

It provides straightforward, concise direction on how to begin as well as how to know you're progressing. 

  • How to deal with a host of distractions. 
  • What to do when a practice seems to go badly. 
  • What to do when you feel like you don't have time to practice or when you're experiencing a challenging life change.
  • and more

The (Forever) Beginner's Meditation Companion helps you design a practice that is as unique as you are, that will grow alongside you, be your roadmap, toolbox and companion.

"There are ideas in this book that are really innovative, ideas being expressed in a way I’ve never heard before. Creative people will really love this book, how it shows the reader that journaling is a way of mapping a path and how it clearly explains esoteric concepts like Nirvana. I love its way of being real, acknowledging skepticism and what meditation really is beyond the hype." -Tova Payne, Author, Business Coach tovapayne.com

From the author, Tina Foster: Why I wrote this book and why you should read it:

"It's a clear distillation of all the conversations I find myself having with practitioners over and over again. It's the book I wish I'd had starting out, and one I would've continually turned to for guidance over the years."

Illustrated. Print version is 61 pages.

Read chronologically in about an hour or use as a reference.  

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